Birthday comes once in a year and it's a day that just feels right to appreciate someone at least once a year. Everyday, we find out that we hardly appreciate people as they deserve it but when it comes to pointing accusing fingers, we are so good at it but fail to praise them when they do something right.

A wise man once taught a sermon which is titled, what is right with you?

Strange right? I thought it was strange when I heard the title of the sermon. I've never for once ask anyone what's right with them but I can't count how many times I've asked what's wrong with them.

Celebrant's Personality


Today I've been asked by one of my fathers hehe, yes my father 🤭 to make a birthday writeup for him because today is his birthday and also because he wants to see if I'm truly a writer like I told him. He's an amazing father, husband and a spiritual leader. He's always good at saying something that always makes everyone one smile and moody at times, "move with the speed of light" hehe, it made me smile just by writing it now.

I was privilege to stay with him and his family for almost a year and even more. He is a man that always wants to learn and is willing to grow, I will say that is a trait you can rarely find in an adult above his 60's. He is retired now and despite the way things seems to be hard, he always makes sure everything is okay with his home. There is never a dull moment with him, except of course when he is down in health like every other person.


He is so organized, he loves keeping records of things if not everything, He has his flaws like every other person but the good thing is, he is always ready to learn and make things right and he also likes asking questions even when he has answers to it. I'm sure he does that to make sure he's right about his answers and also because he wants to learn more.

Whenever he asks me some questions, I always feel displeased because I feel he should know the answer to those questions but I just realized that it was for my own good. I learned that from him, that is always good to ask questions when you are not clear and stop assuming things because you might end up getting it wrong. I know he might be surprised while reading this but I think he needs to know what I thought of him, right?

It's a really good thing I got to know someone like him, he has played an important part in my growth and that's because I've learnt a lot from him and his amazing wife for the time I spent with them.

Happy birthday to you Daddy Kota 🎉🎉

(That's what I love calling him 🤭).

I pray God continues to give you the strength to lead his people in the right path and also for you to stay happy all the days of your life. Please guys, do well to send in your wishes, they are very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading, See you at my next blog heartheart.

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