Week 3 || My Favorite sport || Auto Racing

Hello there, yeah you😊😊, hope you had a great weekend. Well my weekend wasn't that great but it started feeling great after I saw this week's topic 😇😇. This week we were told to write about our favorite sport 🙃🙃.

Tell us about that sport you love watching or playing. Tell us a little bit about it and how it is played. And tell us why you enjoy it so much.

I have so many sports that I like and I also cannot perform but my favorite from all of them is auto racing. I love watching auto racing, it always keeps me glued to the screen 😌.


Auto racing is a sport in which cars are used for racing. Auto racing has been there since the invention of automobiles. Is a sport that is full of life and so much fun.

Auto racing is a dangerous sport I'll say especially the Dakar Rally which is really hard to get to the finish line. Most times the players even just play only to get to the finish line and not even minding of the are first or last.

In auto racing, they make use of flags which is used to instruct competitors and also to give track information.


The race is carried out on a public road that would be closed just to carry out the race, isn't that wonderful. Is just like the times when they carry out marathon race, it always Overwhelming how they close the roads just to carry out their sporting activities.

The main purpose of auto racing sport was to try out new automobiles to know how efficient they are. And due to the fact that the car racing are also used for experiment, some race might last for more than a day to prove the efficiency of the car. And this is also how we get to know the strongest car, the fastest car, also the best car and so on.



Auto racing is played by two teams, each team has 4(four) cars each. Each member of it's team tries to protect his team members and also looks for a way to eliminate it's opponent so as to win the race. The winning team is decided by either the first team to cross the finish line or the team which earned the most points.

What I love about this sport is how each team work together and tries to eliminate it's opponent. I also love the part when the race is at its hit, the way they take their turns at every sharp curve it's really fascinating and amazing.


I love almost every thing about this sport except the part where an accident might occur, but either ways is the sport that captivate my attention 😌😌. One thing about auto racing that makes me love it so much is the way the various teams are dressed, the color combination is superb for me.

I also love the aspect when they introduce each player to the stage, it's really intriguing especially the players that have made history over the years 😇😇.

This is my favorite sport, I hope you enjoyed reading Through. Please don't forget to reblog, leave your amazing comments and upvotes.

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