Five reasons I love Hive

While writing this post, I felt happy but not too good because of some challenges I'm having with my health but of course I won't let that affect or hinder me from wishing hive a happy birthday ❤️

I've actually been seeing a lot of post celebrating hive birthday and I got to learn that hive also has a date it was found or should I say "Born"? Well, to celebrate with Hive, I've decided to share what I love about hive for the few months I've been here.

Five reasons I love Hive

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The Engagement

Waking up every morning, the first thing that comes to my mind is how I came get to engage with my fellow hivians, people I don't know or have even seen but I keep feeling like it's my obligation to engage with as many as I can, so I can feel fulfilled for that day. This was only possible because of the opportunity Hive has given to me and other hivians.

Hive gave me friends, gave a way to connect with people I've never met before... Not so many platform gives such an opportunity.

The Learning Process

Since when I was introduced into hive, I've really improved in the way I do things. I learn on a daily basis from different write-ups by different writers. I haven't been to some places before but because of the opportunity given to me by hive, I've been exploring the world from where I am, but of course I'll still want to visit these places on person.

Learning never ends and Hive has given me a long term opportunity to keep learning and grow continuously, I feel grateful always whenever I think about it.

The Sharing Of My Ideas

Getting to share my ideas has always been somehow hard for me to do but boom!!! Hive came to my rescue. I get to share my thoughts with people I don't even know and in turn I get amazing comments which improve my ideas better.

There's no better feeling than writing my heart out and getting the support it deserves, Hive has been amazing in that aspect for me.

The Earning

I don't just get to share my ideas or learn or engage with people, I also get paid, Wow😍😍 isn't it wonderful? Well hive made this possible for me, so why won't I be in-love with Hive? Everytime I see people upvoting and commenting on my write-up, I just feel really grateful to God for helping me find such a awesome platform.

It's not all about the money hive gives me but the money is part of what keeps my love for Hive growing.

Hive's love

I love Hive because, she first loved me. I keep doing my own thing on Hive and vice versa, everyone and the various communities keeps contributing their own quota to make hive a home for as many as are available and this makes me feel so loved by so many even if I haven't met them yet.

I love Hive for many reasons but these are the main reason I'm in-love with Hive 😚😚.

Happy birthday Hive...