LOH contest #76 || My Favorite "Happy Place"

Hey there, is another week to engage in the LOH contest #76. Hope you all are ready for my entry, hehehe 💃💃.

Well, for this week's LOH contest, I'll want to invite @khaleesi and @merit.ahama to also participate in this week's contest.

I really appreciate the ladies of Hive for always coming up with beautiful and amazing topics to write on.

For this week, I'll be going with topic 2, which says;

If you could pick a favorite "happy place," where would that be.

Picking my favorite "happy place" is not really hard, because it's very obvious, if you are close with me you will understand while going through this write-up 🤭🤭.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always love having fun, making friends, like I love engaging with new people, it was really fun for me. But growing up into an adult, I started becoming less of that because things and people keep changing everyday 😒.

I loved being a child, but I needed to grow😜😜. Right from when I was a child till now, my favorite "happy place" has always been where people are❤️❤️. I love to be around people, I love to be in a place where I have someone to talk to, to share my ideas, to learn and all of that.


I can't stay in a place where I don't have anyone to talk to for long, both offline and online except you want to punish me. And I won't want anyone to do that to me please🥺.

This is one of the reasons I love Hive so much, I am really very grateful to my big sister, @merit.ahama for introducing me to Hive, thank you once more sist, I know I'll keep thanking you even in the future also 🥰🥰.

Getting to know a platform like Hive, really helped me a lot because we just moved to a new place and as you know we won't know anyone there. But the thing is, for a second I never felt lonely or sad because I was always on hive engaging with some friends and also making new ones.

To summarize all I've been saying, My Favorite "happy place" is ANYWHERE🤭🤭❤️❤️, because I'm always with my fellow hivians 😍😍. I didn't say this to make you blush but that's just the truth.

I hope you enjoyed reading through, as much as I enjoyed sharing this with you all.
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