Some Silly Mistakes We Make.

Growing up, I've learnt so many things of which am still learning. I've also come to realize that we make so many silly mistakes almost every single day. Some of these silly mistakes are as follows;


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We as humans we are so quick at assuming things. We assume we are not good enough. We assume we are not capable. We easily say we can't. We assume we are the best. We assume we are better than others. We assume we are either superior or inferior to others.

We assume everyone is our friend. We assume everyone is our enemy. We assume we are old enough to make decisions for ourselves. We even sometimes assume we don't need God to succeed. We assume it is by our knowledge, strength, wisdom and power we have what we have now.

Some of our assumptions might be right and wrong, so it's better we be sure of these assumptions not to make the mistakes of taking them as facts.

Not accepting corrections

If not for some reasons, I'll say this particular one is for me, but I know someone else might still be in same boat with me. We should be ready to be corrected and also we should be ready to accept these corrections.

Most of us hate it when we are being corrected, especially when the person pointing our mistakes to us is someone younger than us or someone of lower class than us.
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We should be open minded to accept our wrongs when we are told of it and not to shy away from it. We shouldn't look at the age or class of that person but we should be more concerned of the advice.

Comparing ourselves to others

Hmm, this is one of other silly mistakes we make, and this will be the last silly mistake I'll be talking about. The thrilling part about this particular mistake is that we don't accept the fact that we do compare ourselves to others.

How can I know if I'm comparing myself to others?

Well, I will give you some of the ways you can find that out.

  1. You are always concerned of what he/she has achieved.

  2. You always find fault with that person.

  3. You always try to put yourself to be better than that person in any given opportunity.

  4. You always see yourself wanting to backbite that person.

There are others but I'll leave you all to help me with them at the comment section so we all can learn from ourselves.

I hope we all learn something from this blog.Thank you to all that read to the end, I really appreciate it.